Wordless Wednesday: Will Frodo and Zulu Find Me If I Hide In Here?

A SPECIAL CALL OUT: to fellow cat blogger Frimousse who is from France and is doing his very first BLOG HOP today for Wordless Wednesday (and later he also tried last Sunday’s selfie too!)! Give him a visit and say hi if you want to – the blog is in French and English and Frimousse and his friend Rouxy are cuties!


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  1. The Island Cats
    The Island Cats says:

    We like to hide in our tunnel too. Once I was hiding in it and the mom was looking for me for like hours and she never found me until I walked out of the tunnel. She was like totally freaking out! ~Ernie

    • mm
      Amarula says:

      Quebec is beautiful – you should visit if you ever get the chance! The cats sleep only for half the night – the rest of the night they chase each other!!


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