Wordless Wednesday: When the Cat’s Away….

(Not quite so) Wordless Wednesday: When the cat’s away the mice will play! Let’s check in on the cats and see what they are up to while the human is traveling in Spain…

Zulu is discovering new and exciting things…

ZULU: What!? No one ever told me there was a mirror up here! The gold frame really sets off my fur! Why would mom not let me up here? I’m never leaving this perch!

As expected, Frodo continues to discover more tangled sleeping positions…

FRODO: Zzzzzzzzz

And Amarula is her usual self…

AMARULA: Where is the human!? Not that I miss her, of course, but someone should be here to worship me 24/7!

Luckily the human is home soon!

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20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: When the Cat’s Away….”

  1. guyz…how kewl iz that…yur momz in spain !!!! awesum ~~~~~~ hope herz havin a grate
    time and heerz ta safe travelz when her comez home ♥♥ have missed ya ☺

  2. Zulu, did you meet your twin in that silvery wall above the fireplace? I used to sit on top of the TV to visit my twin. But then Mom & Dad decided they didn’t like me on the TV and moved it elsewhere. I can’t wait to hear all about the treats your momma will surely bring home to you from Spain. Purrs.

  3. Wow, your mom is traveling in Spain! I’d love to visit there one day. Glad she is coming home soon!
    I love Frodo’s tangled sleeping position. He is so flexible 🙂

  4. I can’t help but look at Frodo and say, “How in the HECK?!?!” Admit it Zulu, you got up there to get away from a certain impetuous brother who wouldn’t leave you alone 😉
    And Amarula … D@MN girl … you got it going on! We especially love the pictures that highlight your tortilicious light brown fur! #TeamAmarula for life!
    ps – Bear says there’s plenty of room in his shark bed if you want to share, Amarula!


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