Wordless Wednesday: Not Many Fireplace Days Left, So….

Come join us by the fire!

We’re joining Wordless Wednesday from Comedy Plus

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  1. Tamago
    Tamago says:

    I love your paw action, Zulu! And Frodo, you are so limber and adorable! You both look super relaxed. Enjoy your nap time in front of warm fireplace!

  2. Edie Chase
    Edie Chase says:

    We’ll be right over. We’re going to have snow for the next 3 or 4 days. Just an inch here and there, just enough to aggravate.

  3. Valentine
    Valentine says:

    I bet that is the best spot in the house! Oh… how luck you are to have a fireplace. I would luv to have one. Maybe I could stop by and curl up with you sometime by the cozy warmness of the dancing flames. And maybe we could toast mousies. Hugs & purrs.


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