Wordless Wednesday: Cross Purposes

ZULU: I’m gonna get you squirrel!

AMARULA: I’m gonna get you Zulu!

We are doing the Wordless Wednesday Blog hop from Comedyplus!


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  1. World of Animals, Inc.
    World of Animals, Inc. says:

    Little does Amarula know, trying to catch Zulu was all part of the squirrel’s master plan to divide and conquer them…or at least divide and escape. Oh well, we hope you two still have a fabulous, if squirrelless, wordless Wednesday.

    World of Animals

  2. Hiisiableue
    Hiisiableue says:

    Amarula don’t forget that you are a cat. It’s the squirrel that you have to get, not Zulu !
    PS : We hope that know we are able to leave a comment…


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