Winter! Could it Get Any Worse? (Oh yes it can)!

Amarula: Winter! Just look at all that cold and snow. It looks like it will never end and I am stuck inside until it does! At least things can’t get any worse…

AMARULA: What the…Frodo when did you sneak up behind me! This is MY winter viewing platform!

FRODO: Hey there big sis! Isn’t winter wonderful? Since you aren’t going out much we get to spend so much more quality time together

AMARULA: I would take issue with the word quality

FRODO: I have a whole list of things we can do together now that you’re inside so much. I’ve even set aside time for extra hugs and those play fights that you seem to love so much! We can nap together, eat together, use the litter box together, sit by the fire together…


AMARULA: I think I will wait outside for spring to arrive.

Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

  1. Snow is my number 1 nemesis! (well, actually it’s certainly in the top 3 and vies with Frodo and Zulu for first place depending on my mood!)
  2. My favorite kind of soup is chicken of course with Goldfish crackers! Though why humans feel the need to add those horrible vegetables to it is beyond me!
  3. When no one is around, I like to …dance like no one’s watching!
  4. .Catnip is my first love

17 thoughts on “Winter! Could it Get Any Worse? (Oh yes it can)!”

  1. amarula……we dunno…cold az it iz out doorz we think we opt
    for stayin inn side……tho we dunno bout smellin chckn soop ~~~

    heerz two a uaru kinda week oh end; himz act shoo a lee a
    prette awesum fish;see ya twoozday ! ♥♥♥

  2. This post reminds me of the interactions between Bear Cat and Kitty (she died six months after I adopted him). She was part tortie and just wanted to be left the f*** alone. Bear, being the rambunctious kitty and fascinated by everything Kitty did, followed her around everywhere and watched everything she did. And she just didn’t have time for that nonsense! Amarula … I think it’s time Frodo gets some bells so you can hear him coming 😉

  3. Result! Frodo, you had a great tactic there – you evicted the snarky girlcat with your hugginess. And actually, Amarula, if you want to see snow, come over to Finland(N).

    On second thoughts, maybe not. I have enough torties here to cope with.

    Keep warm and cosy guys!

  4. Hello Amarula,
    Seems that you are a lot like my big sister Loustiquette.
    You need some friends to play, have “false fights”.
    Where do you live ? Your winter is a real persistent one.
    Here spring is just … around the corner.


  5. MOL this is my favorite post of the day! Such tortitude from Amarula! Actually sweet girl, I don’t think extra quality time with Frodo doesn’t seem like such a bad thing…he’s pretty darned cute, and obviously adores you!

  6. Spring here. In the daytime at least because at night it is still quite chilly. But at the moment i.e. 3:30 pm I’m lying sunbathing on my balcony. I’ve even caught a big lezard. I brought it under the table of the dining-room. Do you think my Master was pleased?
    If you have too much snow, Amarula and Frodo, you send me over a few tons!

    • Oh Frimousse! I am sure your master was not pleased!! Let the lizard go! I brought Amarula back from Cape Town South Africa where I was living for two years (and she was a stray cat) and she used to catch lizards in Africa all the time! She is jealous of Frimousse


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