The Great Escape (Again!)

So Frodo ran out when I went to take out the garbage again! And he found the only snow-free area in the whole yard!

FRODO: I don’t know what Amarula is complaining about; there’s not snow everywhere! Look at this area by the garage. It’s a little snow-free oasis.

FRODO: The sun is so nice and warm I can have a little nap.

FRODO: Oh no! Mom spotted me!

FRODO: Come on mom, just another couple minutes outside please!


FRODO: The only issue is that I keep getting pieces of snow stuck to my paws.

FRODO: It’s cold and hard to get off my paws!

FRODO: Is the snow moving?? It does seem to be getting closer! MOM!!!

FRODO: Mom come rescue me! I am ready to come in now!


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22 thoughts on “The Great Escape (Again!)”

  1. Burr… that looks cold to me, Frodo. Next time you go out in it you need to wear some booties or ride in a lil’ sled pulled by a squirrelygig or doggie. Tee hee hee.

  2. dood….yur mom shoulda been RITE ther…knot 20 feetz a way sew when ya yelled
    for assist…her was RITE ther to help ewe N knot 20 feetz a way ~ 🙂 3♥

  3. Oh my, you still have that much snow! Good job, Frodo, finding snow-free oasis! But moving snow is a scary stuff LOL. I hope you got in the house safely 🙂

  4. Frodo, Frodo have you been talking to Seppo ? You guys are good at skirting the perimeter. That sunpuddle looks wonderful and no wonder you didn’t want to move away. When will your snows disappear ?

  5. Sometime escaping is not a good idea Frodo. At first it is fun, then ….the big white monster comes to eat you.
    But I’m sure that your Mum came to your rescue.
    Douce soirée

  6. We are so sorry that Winter will never end in your area. Is this normal? Or is it just lately that the weather has turned so upside down in the last few years?

    It’s a little off in Oregon lately, but at least we don’t still have snow!


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