Thankful Thursday: Amarula Counts Her Blessings (sorta)


AMARULA: Well the snow is all melted, it’s stopped raining, I can spend long hours outside and Busy the puppy is gone. I am finally master once more of my domain!

AMARULA: Now if only I could get rid of Frodo and Zulu! Then I could really be thankful!

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19 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Amarula Counts Her Blessings (sorta)”

  1. hay ewe gorgeouz….ewe noe ewe wood troo lee N ree lee mizz yur brotherz tho

    ewe can say sew; ewe R amongst friendz who wood never let on

    { doodz….guess what !!!! } ♥♥

  2. That second picture kills us, Amarula. I can’t quite put my paw on what that look means … but we get it none-the-less! I still think your best chance of getting rid of Frodo is helping him run off with Play-doh. Or Busy. Maybe tell Zulu he can be a star if he moves to Hollywood? We still think it’s MASSIVELY unfair that you have to wear so many bells! No good deed (or good hunting) goes unpunished 😉

  3. Hello Amarula,
    Sounds like you dont like other cats.. or other beings !
    By the way, why are you always wearing this collar ? And what about the bells ? The sound of bells can be really annoying for us cats.


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