Mancat Monday: The Best Chair In the House

ZULU: I love this rocking chair! I know most felines have a fav chair and while Frodo tends to favor the Lazy Boy and Amarula likes the futon, I love this old-school rocking chair! Sometimes I will even lean back to make it actually rock back and forth (though it only moves a little as mom put something under it so it would not ever roll over one of our tails–she is so smart, that mom of mine!)

ZULU: I get so excited when I get it all to myself that I just love to rub all over it to mark it with my scent!

ZULU: Unfortunately, it can be a little….

ZULU: Slippery…..Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

ZULU: …but I still love it!

And we are doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!