Sunday Selfies: The Trio is All Ears For Easter! (Starring the Fabled Tortie Bunny!)

FRODO: Not only has spring arrived and we’re back making visits outside but Mom got us these fantastic bunny ears that I just love wearing! Look at me eating my favorite cat grass — I look just like a real Easter bunny!

AMARULA: Ha Ha! Look how ridiculous Frodo looks! He actually thinks wearing those ears is fun! This just further supports my argument that he has the IQ of a lampshade!

AMARULA: Oh No! I think the Human has spotted me! She has that look in her eyes! I gotta make a run for it! Nooooooooooooo!


FRODO: Zulu come quick! I think we have a rare tortie rabbit in our garden!

ZULU: Man! I don’t know whether to make fun of you or be jealous!

AMARULA: Shut up Zulu! Go away!

ZULU: I bet I would look great in those ears! The blue would set off my fur wonderfully!

AMARULA: The Human has exactly three seconds to get these off me or there’s not gonna be a Happy Easter for anyone!


ZULU: Yippee! Look how great I look! Naturally they were too large for my svelte, swan-like neck so Mom put them on me like wings!

ZULU: In my heart I am a (very good looking) flying Easter Bunny! Wheeeee!

ZULU: Yep, I love Easter! Happy Easter Everyone!!

This is the gang’s Selfie Sunday for The Cat On My Head Sunday Blog Hop!

28 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies: The Trio is All Ears For Easter! (Starring the Fabled Tortie Bunny!)”

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  1. You guys sure wear those ears well.The rare tortie rabbit is beautiful and a little feisty. 🙂 Love the flying bunny, and Frodo, orange bunnies are always the best!

    Happy Easter!

  2. I have a feeling the rare Tortie Bunny is of the killer variety that Monty Python warned us about ! Zulu, you are such a good bunny – you should get an extra treat and a nose kiss ! Frodo, you are a good sport too ! Amarula – the ears clash with your special collar. Hoppy Easter everyone !

  3. You three are so totally adorable and funny. We can just imagine a flying Easter Bunny. Why not…Santa has flying reindeer. We loved this. Thanks for hopping. Happy belated Easter. We hope your day was filled with love and joy. XOCK Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


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