Sunday Selfie: Press the Snooze Button Please!

ZULU: Press the snooze button please mom! I’m a gentleman but I’m not above showing off my claws of fury to get my way!

This is Zulu’s Sunday Selfie for The Cat On My Head Sunday Blog Hop!

19 thoughts on “Sunday Selfie: Press the Snooze Button Please!”

  1. Ooh now thats a lovely selfie of you for a Sunday easy. I oft’ find a paw and hint o’ claw very persuasive especially when it comes to not being interrupted when I have got the peep just how I want on the bed. MOL

  2. I wish Raven would push the snooze button. She often wakes us up before 5am! With your long toes, you could probably work the alarm clock with ease.

  3. Yes, humans seem to always want to get pics of us when we are snoozing peacefully. A selfie in the face when one is woken up from happy dreams is reason enough to put out the claws, fur sure! Zulu, I hope you were able to fall back asleep and go back to dreaming about mousies and nip!


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