Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


ZULU: As much as I love my brother Frodo, I was astonished and–more than just a little hurt–that he got so much attention last Sunday for his Sunday Selfie blog hop hosted by the Cat on My Head! We all know that I’m the looker in the family! So I spent all morning trying a variety of ties.


There were a few wardrobe malfunctions:




But finally…….



I finally found a tie that I believe sets off my fur just right! No one can resist my intense gaze! Try to control yourself ladies! Meow!


15 thoughts on “Sunday Selfie Blog Hop”

  1. Hi Zulu, I love the “Speak to the tie” look going on with the red, and white dotted tie. But your selfie tie cuts quite a dash in the style department, and compliments your stunning looks purrfectly. Have a wonderful week. purrs, ERin


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