Sometimes It’s Extra Hard to Get Outta Bed!

ZULU: Mondays can be tough even for us felines! So we do our best to look extra cute so Mom doesn’t have the heart to wake us and we all can sleep in a little longer!

ZULU: So what do you think? Are we doing a good job of looking too cute and comfy to wake up?

ZULU: That’s right mom! Hit the snooze button again!

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20 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s Extra Hard to Get Outta Bed!”

  1. OH MY CAT! If I walked in on that, I’d have to give in and join the meeting! Too cute.
    {Bear once again wants to point out that Momma wrote the above …. he’s still solidly and un-apologetically TEAM AMARULA … speaking of … Holy Tortie Hotness without your collar!!!}

  2. Aww… you two have a good method for quality sleepies! Maybe the alarm clock needs to just come up missing so you can snooze sans disturbance every day! I don’t have another kitty to curl up with. I think I would like it though. I start off sleeping at the foot of the bed, then move to Mom’s pillow late at night, then nestle in her arm early in the mornings. It’s real nice. Mew Mew!


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