Some Cats Prefer To Think Outside The Box!


ZULU: Frodo sure seemed to love being in his box last week. Maybe I’ll give it a try.

ZULU: Hmm. This isn’t too comfy, I must say. Maybe I’m doing something wrong…

ZULU: Maybe if I just shift over….

ZULU: Nope. Still no good….

ZULU: How did Frodo do it!? I think boxes are just not for me….


ZULU: I think I’ll stick with my rocking chair!

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20 thoughts on “Some Cats Prefer To Think Outside The Box!”

  1. dood…it takes practizz……ask maru….took him a bit of figurin out two~~~

    look at him two day…noe box iz two small ~~~ 🙂 ♥♥♥

  2. Hahaha – looks like you collapsed your own wave function Zulu! Sorry, that was nerdy Äiti’s joke about some horrendous dude called Schrödinger.

    Oh and she wishes to point out that the birdies we would LOVE to taste actually are safely beyond the Catio wire. Otherwise I guess we’d be wearing funky collars like Amarula.

  3. We’re not sure if the point is to be comfy in the box, just whether or not some part of you fits. Our brother Quint just splays his long legs all over the place while little sister Viola tucks herself into a ball. Then again, that chair sure looks mighty comfortable!

  4. No rocking-chair here, plenty of boxes, plenty of beds and sofas. But my favourite is my arm-chair near the fire.
    But I won’t stay long in my arm-chair today. There are rats to catch and crunch. A lot of holes, the size of a paw…
    A nice day to the three of you, and to your Mistress.


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