She’s Back….Love is In the Air For Frodo on Mancat Monday!


AMARULA: I smell something in the air….

FRODO: Oh Boy oh boy…is it chicken? Do you smell chicken in the air Amarula?

AMARULA: No you idiot, it’s not chicken! It smells like….a trespasser….


AMARULA: She’s behind me isn’t she?


AMARULA: What are you doing here back in my domain???

FRODO: Who? Who’s back Amarula? I don’t have the dex…dex…dex… whatever that big word is… to jump on the fence!

AMARULA: Dexterity, you idiot!

FRODO: Dexterity is here?? Who’s that?

AMARULA: Why do I even bother? NO! That cat from the neighborhood is back in our yard! You remember…she flirted with you and then you kissed. It was disgusting!

FRODO: Where? There she is! My fluffy feline of love!


FRODO: Oh no! The fence is in our way!

AMARULA: Well, sadly Frodo it looks like she can’t get through the fence! You’ll just have to stare at each other longingly (it appears she and Frodo share the same low IQ as they can’t seem to figure out they could easily fit through the opening!)

AMARULA: Oh no I spoke too soon. She is going around the other way. Sadly she should be here any moment…



FRODO: It’s her! It’s really her! Wait for me. I’m coming!


FRODO: I’m almost there! Wait for your mancat my love!


FRODO: Smooch! Another kiss! I’m in love!


FRODO: Now let’s go hunt some sunbeams together!

AMARULA: Oh no this will not do! I can’t have ANOTHER interloper in my yard! Sharing my domain with Frodo and Zulu is already too much!


AMARULA: This yard is definitely not big enough for another cat! I will have to take care of this freewheeling feline soon….mmmmmwwwwahahahahahaha









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  1. Kitties Blue
    Kitties Blue says:

    This was so cute and funny. Frodo looks like he has found himself a gorgeous sweetheart. Amarula has a ton or tortitude. Thanks for your comment today regarding the relationships among your kitties. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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