Selfie Sunday: Amarula and Her Best Friend Mr. Scratchy


AMARULA: As you know, dear readers, I don’t usually like having my photo taken, but after having both Frodo and Zulu trying to use my scratcher, I wanted to take this selfie to have photographic evidence that it is MINE!

AMARULA: I love it. How could I not? My scratcher plays an important role in keeping my nails sharp and in ready condition in case I gotta show my brothers the Claws of Death! It should be noted that, being the generous cat I am, that I am willing to share my scratcher with any fellow tortie who wants to use it to sharpen her nails!! We tortie sisters gotta stick together!

This is Amarula’s Selfie Sunday for The Cat On My Head Sunday Blog Hop!

19 thoughts on “Selfie Sunday: Amarula and Her Best Friend Mr. Scratchy”

  1. Amarula, that is a very nice scratcher and you are smart to guard it.
    I would love to come over and sharpen my claws.
    I have extra toes, so I must work to keep all those claws in shape 😉
    Purrs Georgia

  2. You’e got that right Amarula. We have to show those boy cats that we torties are not pushovers, and that we have plenty of catitude. Thanks for hopping with us. Your tortie friend, Astrid


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