Play-Doh Returns For Another Visit

AMARULA: I heard the human throw the cat food bag down the back stairs. I ran because she always lets me lick the bag before she puts it in the trash but what did I see?? That neighborhood menace Play-Doh  had the same idea!

AMARULA: Looks like it was gonna be a show-down….

AMARULA: But as I had just given myself an extensive bath, I decided to let the nincompoop have it! But the human really must do something to ensure the neighbor’s cat ceases his trespassing!

AMARULA: He then went into MY catnip patch!

AMARULA: And he proceeded to roll around and have way too much fun!

AMARULA: Naturally, Zulu (aka fraidy cat) sat on the porch and observed Play-Doh with a mixture of fear and interest.

AMARULA: The Creamsicle Cretin, as to be expected, was ecstatic that Play-Doh had returned for a visit.

AMARULA: And they spent the day together smelling catnip! Won’t someone save me from this madness!??

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27 thoughts on “Play-Doh Returns For Another Visit”

  1. Eeeek!! Please be careful with cat food bags, I never knew they were dangerous, but have learned that cats can accidentally suffocate when crawling inside of them (it is something with how they are made) I often photograph Cody with his head in a cat food bag but I only let him do it about 2 seconds and then I take it away. It’s super dangerous! xoxo

  2. Awww sorry Amarula, but the photo of Play-Doh rolling in catnip patch is so cute! And Frodo looks happy to enjoy catnip together 🙂 Well, maybe you can give him a whap or two later heh heh.

  3. play doh !!! dood …grate ta see ewe again buddy….sorree guys but ya haz ta add mit
    yur naybor catz prette awesum N him haz one total lee kewl name !!!! ☺☺♥♥

  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw Ya’ll are so gawjus. Shame on da neighbor cat fur takin’ your spots. We’re thinkin’ you just might have to show him whe’s boss…sooner thatn later. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  5. Doesn’t Play-Doh have his own food bags to roll in?!?! The perfect revenge for this territoriality-confused moron … convince Frodo they should elope. You’re free of Frodo and Play-Doh gets the gift that keeps on giving and won’t leave his siblings alone! #sorrynotsorry #takehimPLEASE

  6. Excuse us for asking, Amarula, but where exactly were you when ‘Fraidy’ was brave enough to watch frop the top stair and ‘Creamsicle’ was getting stoned ? Mesi would like to know as she wants to learn as much about Tortie Positions of Power as she can.

  7. Mew mew mew Amarula an Zulu an Creamiskle kittss that Play Doh kat looks a lot like Cow Kitty who used to visit Cuss-innss Shoko an Kali frum
    Hee used to live rite beside them an drive them crazy butt when hee moved they missed him SO-O much!! Do you know my Cuss-innss? They live out inn Bee Cee….
    Maybee Cow Kitty tooked a plane an moved to where wee are Amarula 😉
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXx

  8. MOL…looks familiar. Cow Kitty must have relatives down your way.. Let him be….you never know what is lacking at his home. What do you care if he rolls in the nip….ya, I know, Cow Kitty used to crush it too but the nip would spring back. Enjoy….he may move away.

    Shoko and Kali

  9. Amarula,
    You let Play-Doh in your catnip ? You have to defend your territory.
    Or Zulu has to do it.
    My human thinks that Play-Doh looks cute, rolling around in your catnip. But I dont.


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