Mondays Are For Ear Cleanings!

FRODO: It’s Monday morning! Yippee! How should we begin the day? Zulu are you awake?

FRODO: I know what will get you awake–my favorite thing of all…a good ole ear cleaning!! Oh Zulu….

FRODO: Come on, let me get in there!

FRODO: Stop squirming Zulu!

FRODO: Slurp…slurp…I’m getting them nice and clean for you Zulu!

ZULU: Ok ok! They’re clean! Stop!

ZULU: Guess whose turn it is now for an ear cleaning??

FRODO: Oh oh…..

We are doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!


21 thoughts on “Mondays Are For Ear Cleanings!”

  1. Gosh! I did not know siblings cleaned ears…I think I have been missing out on something! Too bad Kozmo and Jo Jo have gone home…Purrhaps I could have talked them into it!

  2. Our apologies for our recent absence – I hope Amarula will forgive me for not having her fix of my handsomeness…….. But maybe Frodo would also like to visit a nekkid ? Seppo LOVES his ears being cleaned and he has the most humoungous lumps of ear wax. Γ„iti calls it his potato-growing patch.

  3. Frodo! It’s not just Amarula … you’re up in Zulu’s grill too! While I admire your persistence and ability to ignore argument … sometimes siblings are just better left alone. Know when to fold them and all πŸ™‚


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