It’s Snowing in Summer!



AMARULA: This morning I was about to go outside when I saw this: SNOW! The snow had returned! The Human had lied about winter being over.

AMARULA: It was everywhere!

AMARULA: Oh yeah…I’m not going out there! This summer snow is even more insidious then winter snow–some of it even got in the house! And it just wasn’t melting! And it was somehow warm out! What the H$#@! The Human merely pointed to the sky and shoved me out!

AMARULA: The sky is falling! It’s worse than I thought– the sky is falling!

ZULU: No you foggy-headed feline! Mom was pointing to the trees. It’s a crabapple tree that is shedding its flowers! It isn’t snow, it’s flower petals! Look at me! You don’t see me all scared and hiding from the so-called-snow!

AMARULA: As much as I hated to admit it, Zulu had a point (never repeat that I actually said that!).

AMARULA: So I ventured forth…

AMARULA: I do not trust this thing called flower petals…I’m watching you…flower snow…I’m watching you…

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22 thoughts on “It’s Snowing in Summer!”

  1. Oh this has cheered me up ! Amarula, you foolish feline, hehehehe. Zulu is so right. And no doubt Frodo would just roll around in snow-petals anyway and not care about the temperature. Now when there are petals there are probably loads of birdies too, so get busy!

  2. Amarula you are acting silly.
    Those trees are gorgeous. Did I mention before that I love tree-climbing…
    And the grass is so pretty with all the flower petal.
    Don’t complain and enjoy it. Spring time is the time of flowers.

  3. guyz…we hope ta cod de sky iz knot fallin coz what iz up… comez down… N ya
    noe what THAT meenz…….{ burd }

  4. Phht. We know the score. Zulu didn’t come out the entire time Busy was there, right? The flowers ARE kind of pretty … we think you deserve a carpet of flower petals, Amarula … surely this is what the flowers are for? I’d expect nothing less for a queen.


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