In the Doghouse: Frodo Goes For A Midnight Snack

THE HUMAN: Alright, which one of you cats got into the fridge when I left the door open and knocked the water bottle to the floor?

ZULU: Not me! I’m too busy keeping my nails sharp in case Amarula is in one of her “moods”

AMARULA: Please! I don’t snack! I have to keep my figure looking good for all my male cat fans like Bear and Veikko and so many many more! Though I may have told a certain orange menace that you love when food falls out of the fridge onto the floor cause it makes it easier for you to find it! Mwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

THE HUMAN: Frodo, was it you?

FRODO: No way mom! Not me!

THE HUMAN: Really, cause the evidence seems pretty damning!

FRODO: Maybe if I don’t make eye contact she won’t notice me!

FRODO: Woo Hoo, I’m king of the world! I can practically see the whole house from here!

FRODO: Look at all the food choices! Why do I only get tuna flavored dry or wet food?

FRODO: Oh oh! How do I get down from here?

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25 thoughts on “In the Doghouse: Frodo Goes For A Midnight Snack”

  1. Frodo, you are so busted! Although with an open fridge, no one could blame you.

    One thing about being a nekkid orange kitty is that we can all see Veikko blushing as he read his name on the blog. Now he’s a kitty who would not go near a chilly fridge, but much prefers warm furry friends.

  2. Ummm…voice of experience here – if The Cat gets on the top of the fridge and pushes off to jump, it’s possible to pop the door open and the human may not find it til next morning. That’s why I have Velcro tape enforcing the closing of my fridge doors.

  3. Wow, Frodo! How did you get up there? You are such an athletic kitty! And those photos can’t be the evidence of water bottle incident. It’s totally different situation, isn’t it? 🙂

  4. Amarula, your figure is absolutely perfect. Congratulations again on being a finalist. This post is a wonderful example of the quality and humor of your work. Bear is concerned that when Amarula becomes a starlet, that she’ll forget about him …

  5. Oh my stars, Frodo! Is that awesome balance or what? You ARE so busted, my friend. I don’t think I could ever balance myself like that, especially on a fridge door.

  6. Frodo, I wonder… can you see Russia from there? You sure are high up. It reminds me of when I get on top of Mom’s armoire. I sometimes sit on the edge of the door like you do with the frig. I bet humans are jealous!

    CONCATS to you for your bloggie being chosen a finalist by BlogPaws! Purrs!

  7. Frodo, what are you doing on the fridge door ?
    I think that the evidence is against you. In french we will say “tu es grillé !”
    Heu…. if you find some chicken in the fridge, can you spare some for me ?


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