How Much Do You Love Me?

ZULU: With all this rainy weather the nights are still cold here so it’s nice that my little bro Frodo and I get to enjoy a few more nights in front of the fire. As you can see, Frodo loves to stretch out!

ZULU: Oh I see I missed a spot in his ear during our nightly bath so let me get that.

ZULU: Now the other ear.

ZULU: Can’t forget myself of course!

ZULU: Yep. Just about ready for bed but first the all important question: How much do you love me Frodo? Spread your paws wide!

ZULU: Wow! That’s a lot! And how much do you love Mom and Amarula and pretty much everyone really…

ZULU:Yep! That’s a whole lot too! Now the most important question. Raise your hands if you think I’m better looking than you!

ZULU:Yep! That’s about right! I don’t care what Amarula says, you’re a very smart cat!

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25 thoughts on “How Much Do You Love Me?”

  1. lol….!
    Everybody loves you Zulu. So I’m sure that Frodo does it too. But not sure that he is really able to answer to your questions. Looks like he is somewhere in a perfect world.
    Enjoy the fire.

  2. MOL You boys are adorable. We just luv da fotos today. ‘Course we usually luv all your fotos. But we do luv those together ones da bestest. Enjoy da fireplace. We furinally got hot here. It’s stormin’, but it’s hot. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  3. Frodo’s a goof! He makes it easy on Amarula, doesn’t he? I love that Zulu always gives him some love … Frodo sounds like a lot of fun … well, you know … until he isn’t and just becomes annoying to his sisfur 🙂

  4. You two are so sweet! Zulu, you are very thorough about giving Frodo bath 🙂 And Frodo, you are super adorable all stretched out!
    Zulu, I’m not sure if Frodo heard the last question heh heh 🙂

  5. Wow, I would love to have a kitty sisfur or brofur to clean my ears like you do for Frodo, Zulu! That is so nice of you to help at bathing time! I can see why Frodo loves you so much! I think you are both very beautiful! Mew Mew!


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