Homecoming And A Pawsome Get Together in Switzerland

THE HUMAN: As you know I was away in Switzerland for a week and just got home (though I am leaving again for another week tomorrow to visit Prince Edward Island and Calgary!). The cats were happy to see me but tried to play it cool…


AMARULA: Yawwwwn. Oh, you’re back. We’re you gone? That would explain why the housekeeping has fallen so far behind. This floor needs a good cleaning! When will the truck be arriving with all the gifts your brought back from Switzerland for me??


ZULU: What the heck! She’s back! Well it’s about time you came home! How could you leave us?? We are not going to take this sitting down! Right Frodo?

FRODO: Well I kinda really missed mom Zulu, can’t I go hug her?? I promise to be angry with her tomorrow

ZULU: No! Just look away and ignore her!

ZULU: Now I’ll give her the stink eye while you pretend to fall asleep because you are so unimpressed with her arrival!

THE HUMAN: Best of all, I told Claire, a fellow cat blogger at the Swiss Cats, I was going to be traveling in Switzerland and one of the towns I visited was just a few minutes from where she lives so we got together for a drink in Vevey, Switzerland! It was wonderful. We spent a couple of hours talking about our favorite subject: cats (though Amarula was not happy I returned home with the smell of Swiss cats on my clothes)!! Better yet I got to practice my French with Claire! It was a wonderful evening!

Sandra and Claire in Switzerland!

Sadly, I am off again today for another week of traveling so please forgive me if I don’t visit your blogs for another week!!

FRODO: What do you mean you’re leaving again!! Who will rub my belly!? Come back mommy!

We are doing the Wordless Wednesday Blog hop (though we are not wordless today!) from Comedyplus!




26 thoughts on “Homecoming And A Pawsome Get Together in Switzerland”

  1. We would be quite miffed too if we were being abandoned after you were already just abandoned!.
    We think your mum had a good time and cheated on you with other cats 😮
    We purr you get enough belly rubs to sustain you until she gets back from another trip Frodo!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. Meeting bloggers is ever so fun. I’ve met many in my travels. Wonderful friends to this day.

    Cats can try to play it cool, but they miss us when we’re gone.

    Have a purrfect Wordless Wednesday you two. My best to your mom. ♥

  3. Welcome back! How fun you got together with bloggie friend in Switzerland! Looks like kitties played it cool well 🙂 But I like Frodo’s idea to hug mom and be angry tomorrow 🙂
    Have another safe and fun trip!

  4. guyz……last weekz partee at yur houz total lee rocked; we will make sure thiz next one doez two 🙂

    happee N safe travels ta yur mom N how KEWL her getted ta meet claire ~~~~~~~~ awesum ~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  5. Claire had so much fun to meet your mom ! It was wonderful ! She enjoyed chatting with her, and could have done it for hours. We’re glad your mom had great time in Switzerland, and we’re glad she travelled safe and back to you. Purrs

  6. Maybe some good ideas on how to serve you were gained by collaboration with the Swiss Cats- they have a most excellent blog afterall. Did you geta cuckoo clock as a souvenir ??? WIth a real cuckoo of course.
    And I thank you for the offer of teaching Mesi a lesson or two – maybe it’s better to do that from a distance – I fear we might have a critical mass of torties here if Frodo succeeds in stamp licking, Amarula, erm, my sweet.

  7. That’s so nice, being able to meet, in the real life, online friends.
    So, Amarula, did you get some toys ?
    Boys, be nice ! Some human tend to love travels. Nothing that you can do against it.

  8. Frodo reminds me a bit of Bear when he was younger. He couldn’t help himself to fall all over me when I walked in the door from a trip – he’d try so hard to be mad and teach me a lesson … but his heart was just too big to stick with it for very long. Amarula, you are a gloriously beautiful tortie. Truly, you take my breath away every time!

  9. It’s always nice when the humans arrive home again. We too try to play it cool when the humans return. Have to let them know we don’t approve of them being with other cats. Saw the photo of you with Claire on her blog. So nice to meet each other. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  10. Wowy, you went to Switzerland?! I’ve never been, but my Auntie has. She loved it there. What fun that you got to visit with the Swiss Cats mum! Safe travels to Canada. Mom says it’s beautiful there. She and Dad flew in to Calgary! From there Grandpa and Auntie picked them up and then they went to a wilderness location where they caught fishes. Winks.


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