Happy St. Patty’s Day!

The cats all want to wish you a happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

AMARULA: Speak for yourself! I don’t want to wish anyone anything! And certainly not a happy day!

AMARULA: Get this off me…oh the indignity!

AMARULA: That’s right human… just a little closer…just get a little closer and you’ll be drinking green beer in the emergency room!

ZULU: You who…over here…mom…take my photo!

ZULU: Oh no my eyes were closed! Try again!

ZULU: Oh yeah! That’s my good side…hey ladies! Now let’s try one with the hat too!!

ZULU: I almost feel bad that one cat can look so darn good!

AMARULA: Ha! You look like a cross between a pimp and the Green Goblin Zulu!

ZULU: Quiet Amarula! You’re just jealous of my inner suaveness and gorgeousness! Hey Ladies!

…and then there’s Frodo…he partied just a little too hard on green catnip…

FRODO: Happy St Patty’s day!

IMPORTANT: pls visit fellow cat blogger Frimousse’s site (lives in France) he was just diagnosed with cancer and is not doing well!

Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

  1. The oldest item in my home is the mouse I hid behind the fridge that the human has still not found!
  2. The oldest item in my refrigerator is _see above (yep, I also hid one IN the refrigerator!).
  3.  My family heritage is NOT the result of a co-mingling of road tar and a pumpkin exploding (as Zulu would have you believe) Rather my heritage includes some African lion, Tasmanian devil and wild boar with just a dash of stallion (that’s where I get my effortless grace from)
  4. My favorite family tradition is beating up on Zulu and Frodo…ok ok I admit it’s not actually an allowable family tradition BUT IT SHOULD BE!

28 thoughts on “Happy St. Patty’s Day!”

  1. Zulu, you are super handsome … and a bit of a kiss up 😉
    Amarula, you are one beautiful kitty and the green brings out your gorgeous eyes and those exquisite tortie furs. Bear says you shouldn’t be embarrassed by the indignity … you nailed the indignant leprechaun!

  2. Best blog post ever! Fantastic. *Green goblin’ – sorry Zulu, but that was funny. And your pedigree Amarula – we are not sure WHICH we believe, hehehehehe.
    Happy St Paddy’s Day dudes.

  3. guyz….everee one total lee rocks ther wearin oh de green 🙂

    oh….R ancesstree haz lion in it two 😉

    happee week oh end &
    lá sona st patrick le sláinte do gach ♣♣♣

  4. Amarula, you certainluy look very handsome in htat outfit. But I know how you feel as I’d hate wearing something like that too. But it was worth it beccause we all like it on you. Zulu, you are looking very handsome in your outfit too. Apparently you don’t mind wearing clothes. It’s a very fetching outfit on you. Thanks to both of you for putting up with the photo op so we all could see you. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

  5. Oh, Zulu. We’d never doubt your ancestral roots. Such style and grace and natural talent. Perhaps a little Groucho Marx is in there, too? Amarula, superb tortie-ness! Absolutely top notch attitude. And Frodo, no, no. Don’t get up. Today’s a day for lounging… after too many green mice.

  6. All of you look just terrific in your green garb. A very Happy St. Patrick’s day to all you. Such good kitties to let the Mom dress you all up. We have to do that sometimes too. Have a great week end.

  7. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! You all look fantastic. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. Maybe the mouse in the fridge will keep for a while 🙂 I mailed your prizes today, there is a crocheted toy for each of you, but you will have to share the mat- good luck with that 🙂 I have been praying for Frimousse and was very sad to see his diagnosis.

  8. Aw, you guys look cute all dressed up fir St. Patrick’s Day. We hope you enjoyed it.

    We’re sorry about your friend Frimousse’s illness. We went by.

    Did you get our contact message asking if you would like to be interviewed for Mousebreath?

  9. Loved seeing everyone in their finery without the art. So adorable. Our mom would never get any of us to put those things on. We have to do virtual dress-up. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  10. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t think our Frimousse would have accepted to be dressed like that. If you’d seen him photographed in dress you should have concluded the photo had been photoshoped!
    But today – Saturday March 18th, he would accept ANYTHING. Poor Frimousse…

  11. We like your St Paddys pictures 🙂
    We agree with you Amarula, that wearing stuff is not fun!
    Your answers to the questions were pawsome,especially your heritage 😉
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  12. Hello,
    Poor Zulu. I think you look great. Your are not a cross between a pimp and the Green Goblin. Amarula is beeing mean to you.
    But, you know what …. I am happy that nobody dare to make me wear a green hat !


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