Happy International Cat Day!

FRODO: In honor of international cat day, I was able to dig up one of the ONLY photos in existence of all of the trio together! Normally Amarula does not deign to allow Zulu and I to get so close but, because she was so soundly sleeping, Zulu and I were able to sneak up on her and we all had a nap together!!



This is a photo of us all together the moment BEFORE Amarula opens her eyes and gets the surprise of her life when she realizes we are all together!



Bingo! She sees us! Just look at those eyes open in shock! Hee Hee

yummy treats

FRODO: Mom just gave us all some extra treats to celebrate International Cat Day!! Yummy! I hope cats everywhere get extra treats today!!


4 thoughts on “Happy International Cat Day!”

  1. guyz thiz iz kinda like findin bear reed treasurez…ya digged up a grate fotoz

    happee werld cat day two ewe all ♥♥♥


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