Happy Canadian Thanksgiving from the Cats!



FRODO: Well it’s Canadian Thanksgiving today and mom let us all have some turkey. I might love turkey even more than tuna!! Yummy! The problem is that now we all have turkey tummy! And we are lapsing into a Thanksgiving coma….zzz


AMARULA: Ummmm…turkey….zzz…


ZULU: My belly is filled with turkey…and sunbeams…zzz…


FRODO: I need more turkey STAT! I promise my tummy has room for more turkey!


4 thoughts on “Happy Canadian Thanksgiving from the Cats!”

  1. guys….we came bye with thiz sent a mint ta wish ewe
    a happee canada day…….we can see we iz two late ~~~~~~~

    sew much for copee & paste !!

    happee thanx bee giving guys…we hope ewe haza grate day,
    a pie filled day anda BURD FREE day ~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


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