Frodo’s In Deep Water (A Review!)

It’s a very exciting Monday today! It’s the cats’ first product review. Disclaimer: We received a free water fountain in return for our HONEST review.


THE HUMAN: We were sent the Drinkwell® Zen Fountain. It holds 3.8 Liters, which is perfect for three cats and I’ve read a lot about how beneficial it is to get cats to drink more water. It’s also easy to put together and stainless steel (much better than plastic if your cat is prone to chin acne–I’m looking at you Frodo) and top-rack dishwasher safe aside from the pump. The only issue I had was that we have really hard water here and I did have to wash the fountain thoroughly once a week to prevent water spots. But that’s not a big issue. The faint sound the Zen fountain makes wasn’t loud at all and is similar to a babbling brook, which I found very soothing. In fact, I was going to move the fountain into the bathroom once the cats got used to it and I was done observing how they responded to it but I like the soothing sound so much that I’m keeping it in the living room!

But enough about what I think! Here’s how the cats reacted.

FRODO: Oh Boy! Oh Boy!! This sure looks exciting. Is it a new litter box? An electric food bowl? A magical device that will finally make Amarula love me??

ZULU: It moves and looks like a trap Amarula would devise to drown me. I’m outta here! (Seriously, as predicted, Zulu was afraid of it. It’s been two weeks and he is slowly moving closer to it but he may never take to it. But he’s afraid of his own shadow so I don’t blame the fountain!)

Frodo and Amarula took to it immediately. In Amarula’s case, something very strange happened. She actually seems to be completely enamored with it (I’m not joking). I think she must like the sound and find it soothing. I am constantly finding her laying and sleeping beside it. Sometimes she just stares at it, mesmerized. Essentially, if she’s in the house, she’s likely beside her new best friend–the Zen (appropriately named) water fountain!

AMARULA: Finally the human gets me a companion I can truly love! It tastes delicious and doesn’t try to constantly play with me.

Frodo (like Amarula) has definitely been drinking more water with the fountain.

FRODO: Yummy! This machine must somehow melt chicken and mix it with water. How else could it taste so good?!

Of course, Frodo has tried several times to actually crawl into it. But after a few wet paws, he’s finally (if slowly) learning that the fountain is not meant for swimming!

We all give the fountain five paws up! (Aside from Zulu, who remains convinced it’s a trap set by Amarula, but we hope he’ll eventually come around!)

To find out more about the fountain go to the Pet Safe/ Drinkwell website!

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18 thoughts on “Frodo’s In Deep Water (A Review!)”

  1. My two are also mesmorised by their water fountain. So much so that even though I never turn it on anymore, when I pour a jug of water into it they both sit looking at it for a good 20 minutes. McLaren even runs to the bathroom in excitement when he sees I have a jug in my hand so he can see the whole process. Haha. 🙂

  2. Zulu you are a silly boy. The fountain won’t eat you !
    I love drinking from the faucet. So my human thinks that one day she will have to buy me a fountain.
    Amarula the Zen fountain seems to have the same smoothing effect on you that ASMR video on my human.
    Frodo, your name is .. Frodo, not Frogdo and the fountain is not a pond.

  3. Amarula is so adorable spending quality time with her new friend Zen fountain 🙂 She does look very enamored! Glad Frodo is figuring out it’s not for swimming lol 🙂 We have fountain, but Goro thinks it’s his toy. I hope Zulu will decide to drink water from it! Great review!

  4. guyz…thiz fountin lookz awesum…pluz……lookz like ya could get several perch
    in de bowl with out two much water over flow 😉 ☺☺♥♥ N JOY !!!!!!

  5. I love our fountain – I was sure my cats wouldn’t be interested, but Ellie favors that water bowl and Bear will use it if it’s not turned on.
    From Bear: WHAT?!? Frodo and I share chin acne?!? Phht. That’s where the similarities end!
    ps – Shout out to Amarula today on our blog. Toward the end, Bear’s inbox. She tells Bear about the latest thing Frodo did 😉

  6. That looks cool. And Frodo, OMC You look so adorable in that furst foto with the fountain. We need one of these. And, Zulu be usin’ it when you’re not lookin’. We know, cuz me did the same thing. Mommy furinally caught me and then I just used it whenever. But, it was kind’a scary at furst. Watchin’ sis Lexi use it made me warm up to it tho’. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  7. Pawsome review, cuties! I’ve found that torties seem to be fascinated by water for some reason. Frodo, your face in that first picture just melts my heart! I don’t think I would get that close to the water with Amarula around though…just sayin’

  8. What a cute review! I luv all the pics. Mom says that smile on Frodo’s face is priceless! Maybe Amarula thinks its her fountain of youth and that she is guardian of it. Tee hee hee. I don’t have a fountain of my own. Mom has thought about getting one, but not sure where to put it, ’cause our house is small. Winks.


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