Frodo Takes a Leap of Faith

FRODO: You were right Amarula! I can see the whole world from up here! Thanks so much for your suggestion that I get in the cupboard and I know i can trust you that mom won’t be mad!

AMARULA: That’s right Frodo. You just stay up there and have a great time! (idiot)

FRODO: Thank goodness mom forgot to close it properly or I never would have discovered how fun this is. I wonder why she doesn’t leave it open all the time?! Doesn’t she realize how grand it is up here??

FRODO: Wow it is really far down below!

FRODO: I am King of the Kitchen!! Yeah!

FRODO: Oh oh! Mom just spotted me and doesn’t look too happy!

FRODO: I’m otta here!

AMARULA: ha ha ha! I love how gullible the orange idiot is!

We’re doing the Awww Monday Blog hop from Comedyplus!

16 thoughts on “Frodo Takes a Leap of Faith”

  1. Great leap of faith. I knew you could do it. You’re most talented.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Awww Monday. My best to your mom. ♥

  2. Frodo, our old bro Russell used to do the same thing in our old house! Mom used to put child proof latches on cupboards to keep our old bro William out, but she never thought she have to put them on the high cupboards for Russell!

    PeeEss. Russell was copper and white too!

  3. Frodo! Being high is so much fun! I LOVE to walk around on the top of the kitchen cabinets but my Mom gets angry with me too!
    However, I, Marvelous, think the yelling is worth the adventure! Thanks for sharing yous with us!


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