Frodo and Amarula Go Birding

You may recall from a couple of posts ago, that Amarula has become fascinated with bird TV.

She especially loves it on the large TV screen

AMARULA: Insolent bird! How dare you look me in the eyes! Why are you not quaking with fear?

Well after watching his sister have so much fun, Frodo decided to get into the action.

FRODO: Hi Mr. Bird

FRODO: You know I hate to say it but I don’t see what Amarula finds so fascinating about birds. They don’t seem to be great conversationalists at all!


We’re doing the blog hop from Comedyplus!

16 thoughts on “Frodo and Amarula Go Birding”

  1. All the kitties I’ve had loved watching birds. What great shots and what a great conversation.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. β™₯

  2. So much fun seeing birdies on the big screen! We likes them too but we don’t have as much space to sit that close. Can yoo tell owr Mom to move our TV back so we can look at the birdies that close pleeeze?

  3. Hi Guys! We LOVE burd TV! We love that our Mom and our human Bro put it on for us when we are home alone! My favorite shows have squirrels in them! Frodo and Amarula, you ROCK! Keep being awesome! Purrs Marv


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