Forbidden Love



ZULU: What are you doing Frodo? You’ve been staring at that swan for hours!

FRODO: I’m in love! I know the feeling is mutual cause she just can’t keep her eyes off me! She just keeps staring. She is dumbstruck with loooooooooove


ZULU: The word “dumb” might certainly factor in here…

FRODO: Isn’t she beautiful? She doesn’t say much but that’s OK cause we speak volumes with our eyes.

its the chippy right

ZULU: And have your eyes noticed that that is mom’s cement swan? Cement, Frodo, aka not real!

FRODO: Zulu! How dare you accuse her of not being real and genuine! Our love is the real deal! Though I guess if I am honest, I have been feeling lately like things are not right between us…like there may be someone else…what’s that over there in the bushes…


FRODO: A chipmunk!! My heart is broken! I can never compete with a mammal with such full cheeks and gorgeous stripes!

ZULU: Then you definitely don’t want to know about the bunny that has been given her the eye!









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