Escape From AlCATraz

The Human: So I bought this tent because I’ve had issues with a certain mancat who keeps trying to escape the yard during supervised outdoor time. Can you guess who?

FRODO: Who me?

FRODO: Nooooooooooo

FRODO: I’m innocent I swear!

FRODO: I’ll be good, let me out!

FRODO: I was framed! Set me free!

FRODO: These walls will never hold me!

FRODO: Hey! Can somebody phone my lawyer?

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26 thoughts on “Escape From AlCATraz”

  1. Oh Frodo we can hear you from Finland(N). We wish we could help you; that tent is far too small and you need a huge Catio, with wire that is big enough to allow snacks to fly in. We feel your pain, we really do.

  2. dood……total lee….we haz contacted an a tern knee & himz on de way…… az we type ~~~~~

  3. We had a very similar tent for our boys once upon a time. They weren’t so excited about it. You look so unhappy in there, Frodo! Got to break out of AlCATraz!

  4. Frodo,
    Who dare putting you in jail ?
    It’s an awful situation !
    I hope that you will find a way out.
    It’s sad, but the best thing to do is … . Be a good mancat, stay inside your garden, under your human’s supervision.

  5. WHAT?!?!?! AMARULA!!! The moron is finally trying to run off with PlayDoh!!! Surely you can “help,” right?!?! Then you wouldn’t have to deal with him anymore! The very least you could do is torment him by prancing around on the other side (I want pictures … a prancing tortie should never go to waste). ~Bear Cat

  6. Frodo, that’s one epically epic cat containment unit aka CCU – we have one too and it’s great, especially fur Fudge who is a complete nightmare when outside on his own!

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox


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