Crime and Punishment: The Clues

AMARULA: As you know, dear readers, last week I began my investigation into who has been stealing my toys. I lined up a hefty array of suspects, but I also thought it only fair to present you with the clues that have led me to suspect my list of mischievous miscreants. I don’t want anyone to accuse me of not being impartial!

SUSPECT #1 ZULU: The Clues…

Clue #1: He just looks guilty of something.

zulu deep thought 2

Clue #2: On several occasions, after a catnip-fueled night of carousing and catcalling, I have caught him asleep surrounded by my toys!


Clue #3: He likes claiming things that are solely mine as his own. I have on several occasions made it clear that the Human’s beloved rocker is actually mine, but Zulu insists it is his:

claiming the rocker

Not to mention how he invades MY outdoor domain!

no that's my blade of grass

There can be little doubt that Zulu is a serious suspect!

SUSPECT #2 FRODO: The Clues…

Clue #1: Much like Zulu, he just plain ole looks guilty! I mean the thing never blinks! Never!


Clue #2: We know FRODO is capable of grave deception after he was caught toying with my playthings in the never-to-be-forgotten bathtub incident. And, just like Zulu, he has also been caught in several compromising positions with my toys!


Clue #3: The Human had a friend who brought a …shudder…dog for a visit. At some point the canine’s antler toy went missing and I just bet you know who was caught playing with it!

antler antler2

Frodo was even caught sleeping with it!


SUSPECT #3 Vera aka the Furless one: The Clues…

Clue #1: The creature crawls yet has no fur. It’s unnatural!


Clue #2: Much like Frodo, she is just too darn friendly!! One can only imagine what madness hides behind that seemingly innocent smile!



Clue #3: She has also been spotted playing with my toys (and playing with Frodo, which clearly shows a significant lack of judgement)

steal your toys


SUSPECT #4, 5 & 6 Odin the dog, the Raccoons and the Squirrels.

Sadly, a large snow fall prevented me from doing my usual neighborhood rounds and ruined my chance to spy on these suspects so I am going to focus my efforts on Zulu, Frodo and Vera!

Now that I have evaluated the clues, I shall spend a few days pondering the evidence. Stay tuned next week when I began to question the suspects! It won’t be pretty!

ZULU: Psssssssssst Frodo, don’t look now but I think Amarula might be on to us. Are you sure you hid the toys well?

don'tlooknowbutithinkhemaybe onto us

FRODO: Don’t worry big bro! I got it covered! Hee hee!


4 thoughts on “Crime and Punishment: The Clues”

  1. ya noe, now that we haz had da chance ta ree view de crime seen again,
    we troo lee bee leeve…. de squirrel did it…..

    • AMARULA: I hope you are not right cause the darn thing won’t stay still long enough to let me question it!!I think it has got to be that hairless human! We will see…


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