Come Play With Me!

FRODO: MOM! MOM! MOM! Stop working and come play with me

FRODO: No takers eh?

FRODO: But what if I look real cute? (EPILOGUE: Mom stopped working…obviously! Could you say no to that belleh!?)

Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

  1. I wish smoking would come back in style. I used to love a good cigar after a meal of mouse au vin.
  1. I always have _____________________ in my purse ( or wallet for men). Clearly, I do not have a purse, but if I did I would always carry a compact mirror. A lady has got to look her best. Though, of course, when you’re a Tortie, gorgeous is just a constant state of being. Am I right fellow Torts?
  1. I think that I need to bite my human on the ankle. She stopped petting me to answer the phone. Such treachery can not go unpunished

4.Frodo and Zulu are a pet peeve of mine. They are pets and they peeve me. Need I say more?

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  1. Ellen Pilch
    Ellen Pilch says:

    You are a cutie Frodo, I would stop and play with you. Thank you for your great answers Amarula, maybe you could have a nip cigar instead. And Penny totally agrees with you about torties always looking gorgeous. Have a nice weekend!XO

  2. mommakatandherbearcat
    mommakatandherbearcat says:

    Theoretically, you don’t need a reason to bite your human … just saying 😉 But we agree completely about torties being gorgeous just as a matter of existing.
    And Frodo, you are one handsome boy … I don’t know who could resist you! ***THAT BELLY*** alone!!!

  3. Punapippuri
    Punapippuri says:

    Oh the contrast. Frodo you are just irresistible, and no one with any feeling in their soul could ignore that belleh.
    Amarula, you are equally irresistible; no one who wants to keep their soul would ignore you.
    *runs away fast*

  4. da tabbies o trout towne
    da tabbies o trout towne says:

    my stars girl you need a handbag as the things you can keep in them such as tiara’s crowns which are not
    really the same like everyone thinks cash money credit cards jewelry jewelry jewelry did I mention shopping
    ads the list does go on ~~~~~~~~ hugs from dai$y queen of cats and the run on sentence =^..*=

    heerz two a european perch kinda week oh end ~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  5. Deziz World
    Deziz World says:

    Oh Frodo, you look adorable. Me does dat all da time. Altho’ it’s usually from da vanity in da pawdee bpx room while lookin’ in da mirror. MOL
    Luvved your answers Amarula. We have a purrse. We share mommy’s. And we always make sure there’s a few toys in there. She’s been more than a little shocked when she’s pulled out a fuzzy mouse instead of her wallet. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  6. McGuffy's Reader
    McGuffy's Reader says:

    ADORABLE PICTURES! Oh, my heart! Chloe Jo bites our shins if she thinks we are ignoring her. She is my squeaky wheel. Sorry that I am late, I could get an excuse/note from my vet, if needed. HUGS!


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