Caturday Art: The Kiss!

As you may recall, we have photographic evidence that Amarula (ostensibly driven mad by snow and too much mulled wine, according to her) kissed Frodo (or maybe it was just the magic of the Amazon boxes?!).

Original photo of The Kiss

Anyway, I thought it was such a significant moment so I’ve put together (much to Amarula’s chagrin and Frodo’s joy) a few colorful designs to try to capture the magic and vibrancy of the moment! Hope you like!

Dreamscope Secret Garden

Dreamscope Artefact

And finally–my fav–Dreamscope Petals

We are joining Athenaโ€™s Caturday Art blog hop!

20 thoughts on “Caturday Art: The Kiss!”

  1. Whats betters than sitting in boxes? Kissing in boxes!! Purrz and stuffs. -Lil Bear who Loves Boxes and Kisses

    The Mom used Dreamscope today but the app refused to work right after making two photos… had an awful time getting it to load.
    purrhaps Mom should try a different browser so we was wondering what browser you used. Mom was using Firefox.

  2. Anything that can obscure the evidence is great art.
    Speaking of evidence, Amarula, we’ll believe you on the mousing. Any proof sent to us here might not make it through customs………


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