Caturday Art: An Outdoor Trio of Art

This week all three cats get in on the art:

Original: A photo from Frodo’s last blog.

After using LunaPic landscape theme.

Zulu’s original from Wordless Wednesday.

Zulu after using LunaPic Beauty theme (Zulu’s favorite theme)

The original from Amarula in stealth mode on Wordless Wednesday.

Amarula using LunaPic in Fairy.

We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop!

19 thoughts on “Caturday Art: An Outdoor Trio of Art”

  1. Beautiful art of all three of you. You are all so special in your own way. Frodo – your antics and most original furs make you very lovable looking. Amarillo, your total calico/tortoiseshell coat makes you mysterious and very romantic looking. And Zulu – we have never met a cat with such sleek lines and gorgeous dark brown coat. We don’t even know what breed you are – a Siam even se or Burmese relative? You are so beautiful and shiny we just love you to pieces. You are all 3 model runway cats extraordinaire! All cats arebspecial but you three have that extra something. Love ya, Patzy


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