Caturday Art: A Box Full of Beauty!

These photos of Caturday art are taken from those photos of flexible Frodo in his crazy positions inside his favorite box from Monday’s post!


The above is Edtaonist from Luna Pic

This is Brave (which Frodo definely is cause he just won’t leave Amarula alone until she loves him!) from Luna Pic

This is one of my favs: dark luna from Luna Pic–Frodo — normally an open book–looks very mysterious!

The original:

We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop!

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  1. Punapippuri
    Punapippuri says:

    Aw Frodo – you are such a flexible, fluid Dude – and those filters show you off to great effect. You are fast becoming a hero!

    Oh, and Mirsku needs Amarula to know he has a tortie meezer girlfriend already (May Ling from the Katnip Lounge), and there would be a very mean and unpretty fight if she found out, hehehehehe.

  2. Andrea @ From The Sol
    Andrea @ From The Sol says:

    I love all versions of Frodo the box loving kitty … and I am especially taken by that big green spot that appears and take me to a slide show … How did you do that?. Great idea. Loved this whole post 🙂

    Andrea @ Fmom The Sol


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