Caturday Art: A Basket Full of Snowflakes

Caturday Art: Dreamscope Snowflake filter

I thought it would be ironic to take a photo of the cats looking so comfy in a basket by the fire (the photo from Wordless Wednesday) and artsy them up with a Snowflake filter by Dreamscope!

Original photo:

We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop!

22 thoughts on “Caturday Art: A Basket Full of Snowflakes”

  1. Difficult to comment on a smartphone! But my Master is backing up the hard drive of the PC, which is showing signs of weakness…
    We would need that kind of artificial flakes outside because real flakes are very scarce so far this winter.
    On ski slopes here in the Alps they use snow canons. But that wastes a lot of good water.
    “Wouldn’t it be wiser to admit ‘ski holidays’ must be replace by ‘holidays in the mountains,” my Master asks, “and consider ‘global warming’ as a fact?”
    Your artificial snow flakes look good!


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