Catnip: Just Say No!


AMARULA: Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I predicted that Frodo and Zulu were just too young to handle the responsibility that comes with having your very own catnip patch in your backyard (well, MY backyard technically–no matter what the human says– but you know what I mean). I told the human that only I should be allowed to play among the catnip’s lush leaves. I knew that only I was mature enough to explore its sweet, intoxicating nectar without becoming a victim of its trance-inducing side effects. Some were not so lucky…



AMARULA: Zulu, believing that bathing himself in catnip made him more appealing to the ladies, was the first to go


AMARULA: It isn’t pretty, is it?


AMARULA: The glassy eyes say it all!

AMARULA: Frodo lasted a bit longer, his youth (and I would argue, his lack of IQ) gave him a higher tolerance for the catnip’s hallucinogenic affects.

catnip patch2

AMARULA: But eventually, he too fell victim to the herb’s siren call of stupefaction.

catnip patch2

AMARULA: Feel free to look away, dear readers! It is quite appalling. Don’t let this happen to your beloved felines!!



AMARULA: And finally, where once a proud herb stood lush and tall, there is now only desolation and the faint smell of cat tears!






6 thoughts on “Catnip: Just Say No!”

  1. we iz crackin UP !!!!!!!!! guys….yur mom kneadz ta re plant & soon
    bee fore de winter blooz hit de soil ~~~~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥♥ { who haz
    de muncheez } !!


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