An Uninvited Guest

AMARULA: I am in a bad mood! Wanna guess why?

AMARULA: My number one nemesis Frodo. As per usual, I was having a pleasant nap and the Orange Menace snuck up on me.

AMARULA: All I have to do is give him one good kick with my back leg and he would roll right off the couch! Should I do it?

AMARULA: Well maybe I won’t bother just this once. As long as he doesn’t snuggle closer! Best I conserve my energy for chasing all the squirrels in the back yard!

Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

  1. My idea of roughing it is what you see above! Letting Frodo nap near me without beating him up! I truly am a martyr. I should be sainted really!

2. I never get sick of talking about myself of course! Just as I am sure, dear readers, you never get sick of hearing about me!

  1. My youth returns in full force every time I get a sniff of catnip or spend time chasing Frodo and Zulu around.
  2. My “golden years” would be a lot more golden if the Orange Menace and Zulu the Zero were not around!

21 thoughts on “An Uninvited Guest”

  1. Amarula, Mom thought these fill-ins couldn’t be accomplished by kitties, but you sure proved her wrong. We’ll sleep next to fursibs who are not our favorites, as long as they don’t touch us. You showed great restraint in not kicking Frodo. Definitely works in your favor when you are considered for sainthood. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  2. Why do I think that you realize that you could kick him off but he’d just jump right back up? At least this way he doesn’t think you want to play … kick him off and he might get IDEAS! Your light brown paws get us every time, Amarula … I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tortie with so much light brown … but you are gorgeous!

  3. Amarula, you are such a …..GIRLCAT. Frodo is an innocent little mancat, just trying to be friendly. He is the eternal optimist -never giving up in his hope you’ll be friendly to him. He’s a bit like the Dalai Lama in the human world. But who would you be ? *runs away VERY fast*

  4. Bonjour Amarula,
    You really don’t like Frolo. But he seems to be a nice cat who just want to be near you, to be friendly.
    PS : We live on the French Riviera, near the city of Grasse.

  5. Oh Amarula, I understand about pesky siblings. Pierre is always wanting to crowd me on the couch. I have to grump him at times to keep him in line. I’m sure that is all you are trying to do with Frolo. YOur new friend, Bentley Basset Hound ♥


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