Amarula’s Summer Slimming Workout

AMARULA: Often my fans (and I have many) ask me how I look so good and maintain such a striking physique. Aside from just being born so good looking, another important factor is my summer outdoor exercise regime, which I am going to share with you today. So get your pens and paper ready…here we go…watch and learn!

AMARULA: First you roll to the left.

AMARULA: Once there, you stretch your paws way out. It’s important to keep your front legs and paws flexible in order to beat up Frodo protect yourself from any annoyances or dangers.

AMARULA: Once you’ve reached your full stretch you cry out to the world your mantra. Mine is: “I am TORTIE! Hear me roar!”

AMARULA: Then you just roll over to your right and repeat the whole thing over again!

AMARULA: Complete your workout with a well earned nap! Be warned dear listeners…no matter how much you workout it’s important not to have unrealistic expectations. In other words…you’ll never look as good as me no matter how much exercise you do!

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22 thoughts on “Amarula’s Summer Slimming Workout”

  1. my stars girl that workout was FABulous and you look GORGEOUS and you
    didn’t even mess up your coat ~~~~~~ I simply must try this at home ~~~~
    hugs from dai$y ♥♥♥ =^..^=

  2. If I get to be half as good as you, I shall be twice the tortie I am now!
    I am a little girl, about half the size of every other kitty here, which is very good for sliding my way into snuggle piles, but can be a bit tough when it comes to whappery. I floof my tailio as much as I can to make up for it and that scares Veikko off (fur envy!) but do you have any tips for me as to how to deal with some of the others who din’t respect my tortietude ?


  3. Of course we don’t look as good as you because we look even better!

    The only one who’d really need some exercise here is our human. Your routine actually looks like something even humans could do – so we’ll encourage her to do your moves!

  4. Thank you for the great lesson for outdoor exercise, Amarula! I think saying your mantra out loud is very good mentally as well 🙂 No wonder you always look so magnificent!

  5. Awwwww. I would TOTALLY do those exercises if I’d look like you, Amarula! That belly is something ELSE entirely! You are the perfect example of exquisite tortie lusciousness!
    Bear says “hi,” and some inappropriate things that I’ve censored out because he should be a gentlecat.

  6. Amarula we think mew’d make a purrfect Purrsonal Trainer fur Amber, after sitting reading too many books and eating too many nip cookies her waistline has expanded somewhat [MOL but don’t tell her we said that! MOL]

    Great post today, we luffed it!

    Big hugs

    Basil & CO xox


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