Amarula Goes Birding

Who knew Amarula was a bird lover?

Birding is one of my hobbies and i was watching a nature video and Amarula was transfixed!

AMARULA: Why can’t I bite this darn squirrel! Why is it not running away in fear?

She kept looking behind the computer to see where the bird was

AMARULA: You better stop laughing human and help me get this bird because one way or another I will be biting something in the next few seconds!

Enjoy this short video of Amarula touching the screen trying to grab the bird.

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20 thoughts on “Amarula Goes Birding”

  1. Amarula reminds me of that picture I once saw on the net, with a cat holding a mouse in its teeth, and underneath it the words, cats of yesterday, and a picture of a cat holding a computer mouse, and underneath it the words, cats of today.

    Amarula is a huge cat. I had a very tall and long cat like this once. But she’s a house cat and therefore maybe doesn’t know the difference between a real bird and a screen bird.

    My cats love playing with their cats toys, but when Princessa brought home a dead mouse, she went crazy, mewing so loud, at first she sounded like a small dog barking. They never get this excited over a toy. But they’re feral cats, who had to survive on the streets before I adopted them, so they know the difference.
    Or maybe Amarula knows the difference? Should we ask her?

  2. We LOVE Bird TV. Mom puts the You Tube Bird feeders on the Big TV when she goes out and we ALL (including Cinnamon) love to watch. Its not as much fun as tracking them outside, but its way warmer and we can get up closer! Keep being AWESOME AMARULA! Purrs Marvelous Marv

  3. we stopped bye two say we hope everee one iz havin a grate mew yeer sew far and we did knot pay ANY a tenz shun two de uze oh de B werd in thiz post


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