A Lesson In Personal Space

amiand zulu 1

ZULU: All right Amarula, it’s time you accepted that I get to share the backyard with you. There is more than enough space for everyone to have a good time. Now let’s prove to mom that we are mature and can act like adults by hanging out without a fight.

itsonly fair

ZULU: It’s only fair that I get to enjoy lying in the grass and smelling the fresh summer air too!

look how well we are doing

ZULU: Now look how well we’re doing!

see isn't this great

ZULU: Isn’t this fun!??

what u doing

ZULU: You’re awfully quiet over there Amarula. What ‘cha doing?


ZULU: Oh, that’s good. You’re just washing up.

awfully close

AMARULA: Yep. Just want to make sure that my claws are nice and clean and in working order.

awfully close

ZULU: What do you mean working order? You seem awfully close Amarula!

i mean this far

AMARULA: Now, Listen carefully. Here’s the deal. You must stay at least an arm’s length away from me if you don’t want to get up close and personal with my claws.

that far1

AMARULA: You know what, make that two arm’s lengths away! Nope, still not far enough. I’m gonna push on you with all my might and that’s as close as you are ever allowed to get!

2 arms lengths

AMARULA: Just a little farther…

play nice

AMARULA: Ah oh! The human is watching us. She is yelling something about how I must be nice to you! You don’t need to hear that nonsense!

i'm otta here!

ZULU: I’m out of here! You just can’t play maturely Amarula!

alone at last2

AMARULA: Alone at last!


















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