A Box: The Best Christmas Present of All! (AND Zulu and Frodo Finally Get Their Say!)

You may remember that a little while ago the cats were playing musical boxes but there was a bit too much pushing and shoving and it looked like we needed a third box! Well, not only did aunt Sarah get the cats that cool Christmas sweater, she also got them…

…you guessed it…an empty Amazon box and the cats love it!

Naturally Amarula claimed the biggest box

But Frodo thought there was room enough in Amarula’s box for the both of them…he does so love to cuddle!

Naturally, Amarula disagreed…

and a reshuffling ensued…

Until Amarula reclaimed her rightful spot and everyone is happy with their own box! Thanks aunt Sarah!

Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

Week 34: December 30, 2016

  1. The highlight of my Christmas was _You just saw it!! Me getting my own big box! (though another highlight was when the human finally removed that stupid Christmas sweater! I mean really!)
  2. My New Year’s resolution is _Resolutions?! I’m against them! Besides, in case you haven’t already noticed, I’m perfect!
  3. This year, 2016, …also had a winter! Just like 2015, 2014 and so on…Surely even in Canada there are some years without a winter…right? It’s almost like it’s cyclical and comes around every nine months or so. But that can’t be right….that would be crazy!
  4. Next year, 2017, …I plan to see if I can renounce Canadian citizenship and move back to South Africa where there is no snow. NO SNOW! I wonder where that pesky human put my passport…

HOLD THE PRESSES! In an unexpected twist Amarula was moved by the holiday spirit to allow Frodo and Zulu to both have a turn at answering the Fill Ins!

Here are ZULU’S:

ZULU: Yeah!! I finally get to answer! Here I go…

  1. The highlight of my Christmas was _getting that amazing Christmas sweater! Boy, did you see how it just totally set off my chocolate brown gorgeousness?
  2. My New Year’s resolution is…ah resolutions…what was it the great philosopher Nietzsche said about New Year resolutions: Sum, ergo cogito: cogito, ergo sum and by that he meant…


AMARULA: Shut up Zulu! Nobody cares about your philosophical meanderings. Move on or I will retract my offer to let you answer the Fill ins!! We don’t have all day here!


ZULU: Well I never…oh well…on to number 3…


  1. This year, 2016, I was finally able to fulfill my goal to double my grooming schedule from only 5 times a day to 10. I owe it to the ladies to look my best!
  2. Next year, 2017, …I plan to see if I help Amarula find her passport! South Africa awaits Amarula! Hee hee!


Here are FRODO’S:

FRODO: Really!? I really get to answer the Fill Ins. Boy, my big sis Amarula is the most generous and kind kitty in the whole world! Here it goes…

  1. The highlight of my Christmas was spending time with Zulu and Amarula. Especially when we all got our own boxes! I sure hope Mom gets her own box so she can join us!
  2. My New Year’s resolution is…to stop taking my toys with me to the litter box cause it seems to upset Mom. It makes the toys messy but I just worry that they will get lonely without me!
  3. This year, 2016, was wonderful! I met that lovely neighbor cat Play-Doh who loves coming to visit me in the backyard.
  4. Next year, 2017, …I promise to try to find more mice in the basement and bring them up for Mom to see. I know she loved when I did that last time cause she just screamed and screamed with joy.

19 thoughts on “A Box: The Best Christmas Present of All! (AND Zulu and Frodo Finally Get Their Say!)”

  1. This is a great post! You have the best Auntie to get you each a box, all we got was 12 packages of treats from ours. Thank you all for completing the fill-ins, I enjoyed all of your answers. I don’t think you really want to move Amarula. And how sweet of Frodo to take his toys everywhere and want to make Mom squeal with joy again over a mouse. And Zulu, you really did rock that sweater. XO

  2. OMC We luvved your answers. ‘Specially dat very last one. Mommy would scream and scream too. not sure it would be joy, but hey… MOL And by da way, we luvved dat sweater. we luv your boxes too. You all look just gawjus. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  3. Those boxes are great – we wonder if Äiti can order 14 things so we can have one each. With extra for the girls of course *sigh*.
    Great fill ins – and if you need help, we can maybe try to find a passport for Amarula – bound to be one on the innerwebs somewhere……..
    Here’ s to an even hissier and hairyballed 2017 folks!

  4. I loved this, that each had a go at answering. As for Canadian winters…my favourite place in the world is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, on the shoreline just south of Lake Superior. Yeah…snow. They have it there! My poem “Brockway” explains why I love it so. Happy New Year!


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