Amarula and Zulu: New Best Friends?

ZULU: Hey Amarula. What ya doing in there? Come out and play.

AMARULA: No! Leave me alone. I am busy sulking because the Human refuses to get rid of that stupid puppy Busy! He is the bane of my existence.


ZULU: I thought Frodo and I were the bane of your existence?

AMARULA: You are! My enemies are legion!

ZULU: You know that Busy went back to his owners a few days ago, right?

AMARULA: What did just say?!?!

AMARULA: Why was I not informed the dog left!? I have been hanging out with you in this room cause I thought the puppy was still here!

ZULU: But hasn’t this bonding time been nice, oh ill-tempered tortie?

AMARULA: Only if by nice you mean torture! I am outta here!

ZULU: Come on! Don’t leave angry! Come play.

AMARULA: I can’t even look at you right now!

AMARULA: Human! Look me in the eyes and promise me you will never take in another puppy!!

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Frodo and Busy’s Favorite Games: Hide and Seek and Boxing

Hide and Seek:

FRODO: When we aren’t playing Hide and Seek I like to teach Busy some of my boxing moves cause I know that Amarula might introduce the poor puppy to her “Claws of Chaos!” He needs to know how to defend himself! I took it upon myself to show him some moves!


FRODO: He didn’t seem to be able to follow along with my Ninja moves so I taught him another good one that is always useful when trying to get out of trouble: playing dead…