Some Cats Prefer To Think Outside The Box!


ZULU: Frodo sure seemed to love being in his box last week. Maybe I’ll give it a try.

ZULU: Hmm. This isn’t too comfy, I must say. Maybe I’m doing something wrong…

ZULU: Maybe if I just shift over….

ZULU: Nope. Still no good….

ZULU: How did Frodo do it!? I think boxes are just not for me….


ZULU: I think I’ll stick with my rocking chair!

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Caturday Art: A Box Full of Beauty!

These photos of Caturday art are taken from those photos of flexible Frodo in his crazy positions inside his favorite box from Monday’s post!


The above is Edtaonist from Luna Pic

This is Brave (which Frodo definely is cause he just won’t leave Amarula alone until she loves him!) from Luna Pic

This is one of my favs: dark luna from Luna Pic–Frodo — normally an open book–looks very mysterious!

The original:

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The Art of Compromise

FRODO: Hey there big sis! Wanna play?

AMARULA: No I certainly do not want to play. Now get down from there — you are in my spot! Only I get to sit at the top of the sofa! It is the perfect perch from which to oversee my domain.

FRODO: Come on! Let’s play! Come up here and get me!

AMARULA: Come down at once!

FRODO: Pfffffffffffffffttttttttttt! Come and get me!

AMARULA: How dare you show me the raspberry! You really have no common sense whatsoever do you? You asked for it….

AMARULA: Whack! Bam!

FRODO: Wheeeeeeee

THE HUMAN aka mom: HEY! What the heck are you two doing?!?

A few minutes later….

AMARULA: I can’t believe the human broke up the fight and is making us share the top of the couch! What of my dignity!? What of a respect for my superiority!?

FRODO: Fight?! I thought we were playing! I thought you were trying to tickle me! Oh Amarula, you have the funniest sense of humor! I LOVE YOU!

AMARULA: Silence you creamsicle cretin!


Here are Amarula’s Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader!

  1. My favorite kind of cookie is _S’mouses (like a S’more but meatier!), chocolate chipmunk cookies and peanut birder cookies.
  2. The famous Mudpie the tortie of course (only a fellow tortie can capture my tortitude and her blog was the first cat blog I read with a tortie as the star–which is of course, our natural role) would play me in a movie about my life.
  3. Love is easy to find! I feel it every time I look in the mirror!
  4. For Valentine’s Day, I just might suspend hostiles between myself and Frodo and Zulu! But Frodo is on real thin ice at the moment!



Frodo’s All Boxed In!



FRODO: Doh…dee…dee. I love sleeping in my box…

FRODO: Mom says she can’t believe I am comfortable like this! It may look uncomfortable to some but I sure love it!

ZULU: Boy that sure looks cozy! Is there room for me?

FRODO: There’s always room for one more! Come on in.

ZULU: I just don’t know if I can fit in there Frodo!

FRODO: Give it a try!

Zulu: Nope…this isn’t working…

ZULU: Still can’t quite fit!

ZULU: Sorry Bro, we’ll have to wait for a bigger box


FRODO: I will keep it warm for you Zulu!

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Caturday Art: The Art of A Hug

This is taken from yesterday’s post of Amarula getting a hug from Frodo (and thanks to all of you who went to fellow cat blogger Frimousse’s site to pass on condolences about the loss of RouXy! I know he appreciated it)

Frodo and Amarula hugging is a rare site so I thought I would immortalize it through art!

This is with Dreamscope’s tree filter. It’s a little melancholic:

This is with Lunapic’s Nouveau filter, which is much less somber!

The originals:

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Farewell To A Feline Friend: A Hug in Honor of RouXy

It is with a heavy heart that we heard that RouXy, our feline friend who lives in France, went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Frodo, Zulu and Amarula had just met him recently but he seemed like a wonderful, spirited cat. He only had 3 legs because when he was young he got caught in a leg hold trap for 24 hours. Luckily he was found but he lost the leg — though that never slowed him down! His best feline friend Frimousse is sure to miss him.  I am sure the family would appreciate any kind words. The blog is in French and English. Here is the link.

AMARULA: Just leave me alone today Frodo, I am feeling very sad about the loss of RouXy.

FRODO: I’m sad too. Do you know what I think we both need…


FRODO: A hug!

AMARULA: Oh Brother!

FRODO: Do you feel better yet?

AMARULA: Yep. You can let go anytime!

FRODO: Do you think RouXy is with our beloved brother Biltong?

AMARULA: Yeah I sure do Frodo. We will miss you RouXy! Frodo, it’s OK if you want to hug me for just a little longer…