Caturday Art: St. Patty’s Day Gets A Second Look

THE HUMAN: These are the cats’ photos from yesterday. They offer a new spin on their St. Patty’s Day looks.

Zulu’s photo features Lunapic’s Frida effect – I can’t tell if it makes him look more or less like a cross between a pimp and the Green Goblin

Lunapic’s Vangogh makes Frodo look more moody than like he over-partied

Amarula pretty much looks almost cheery and like she doesn’t want to kill me! ….actually on second thought her murderous intents might still shine through!


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Caturday Art: A Box Full of Beauty!

These photos of Caturday art are taken from those photos of flexible Frodo in his crazy positions inside his favorite box from Monday’s post!


The above is Edtaonist from Luna Pic

This is Brave (which Frodo definely is cause he just won’t leave Amarula alone until she loves him!) from Luna Pic

This is one of my favs: dark luna from Luna Pic–Frodo — normally an open book–looks very mysterious!

The original:

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Caturday Art: The Art of A Hug

This is taken from yesterday’s post of Amarula getting a hug from Frodo (and thanks to all of you who went to fellow cat blogger Frimousse’s site to pass on condolences about the loss of RouXy! I know he appreciated it)

Frodo and Amarula hugging is a rare site so I thought I would immortalize it through art!

This is with Dreamscope’s tree filter. It’s a little melancholic:

This is with Lunapic’s Nouveau filter, which is much less somber!

The originals:

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Caturday Art: The Kiss!

As you may recall, we have photographic evidence that Amarula (ostensibly driven mad by snow and too much mulled wine, according to her) kissed Frodo (or maybe it was just the magic of the Amazon boxes?!).

Original photo of The Kiss

Anyway, I thought it was such a significant moment so I’ve put together (much to Amarula’s chagrin and Frodo’s joy) a few colorful designs to try to capture the magic and vibrancy of the moment! Hope you like!

Dreamscope Secret Garden

Dreamscope Artefact

And finally–my fav–Dreamscope Petals

We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop!