Basket Case!

FRODO: Though I love my new friend Busy, sometimes a feline needs just a little personal space, and though he asked to share my basket with me I  felt I had to say no cause that’s my big brother Zulu’s spot (which I am sure he will reclaim once he comes out of hiding in the basement away from Busy!)

FRODO: Busy did his best to look cute…but I had to say no

FRODO: Finally Busy saw I meant business…

FRODO:…and claimed his spot at my side…but on the floor! Amarula would be proud of me!

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It’s A New Cat…No, It’s A Piglet…No, It’s A Puppy!?!?

AMARULA: Well, it’s finally happened as I have long predicted! The human lost her marbles. She brought home what I first assumed to be a cat but what now appears to be a cross between a pig and a dog. Apparently it is a French Bulldog. Whatever you call it, I call it ENEMY!

AMARULA: The good news is that apparently the human has not lost her mind completely and is only babysitting the puppy (who goes by the very apt name Busy) for a week. I mean seriously, is this creature even sentient?

AMARULA: Look at the THING! It appears to be too stupid to even fear me! And it’s actually ignoring my giant fluffy tail (clearly a signal to any intelligent beast of its impending demise!) I mean it’s even drinking out of my water bowl! Zulu stop hiding in the basement and get up here! We must work together to beat this atrocity into submission!

ZULU: Sorry can’t help Amarula! I am busy in the basement! And I am not hiding down here! I am amassing an army of mice to help us in destroying the interloper…yeah, that’s it…definitely not hiding…

AMARULA: Coward! Well, one thing is for sure…we can’t under any circumstances let Frodo see Busy the puppy. That creamsicle cream puff is so stupid he might actually befriend the puppy! The nincompoop is too friendly for his own good….oh no…I think it might be too late…

AMARULA: Come on Frodo! Prove yourself to be deserving to be part of the noble Feline Family and show that pup your Claws of Death!

AMARULA: That’s right come on…give that ferocious puppy a good scratching….wait a minute…no no…what are you doing? Don’t do it…DON’T DO IT! Do not roll over….noooooooooooooooooo

AMARULA: I said show him the Claws of Death…not the Tummy of Tenderness! Arrrrrgggghhh!

FRODO: Yipee! A new friend!! I love new friends…and puppies…and Tummies of Tenderness!

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Sunday Selfies: The Trio is All Ears For Easter! (Starring the Fabled Tortie Bunny!)

FRODO: Not only has spring arrived and we’re back making visits outside but Mom got us these fantastic bunny ears that I just love wearing! Look at me eating my favorite cat grass — I look just like a real Easter bunny!

AMARULA: Ha Ha! Look how ridiculous Frodo looks! He actually thinks wearing those ears is fun! This just further supports my argument that he has the IQ of a lampshade!

AMARULA: Oh No! I think the Human has spotted me! She has that look in her eyes! I gotta make a run for it! Nooooooooooooo!


FRODO: Zulu come quick! I think we have a rare tortie rabbit in our garden!

ZULU: Man! I don’t know whether to make fun of you or be jealous!

AMARULA: Shut up Zulu! Go away!

ZULU: I bet I would look great in those ears! The blue would set off my fur wonderfully!

AMARULA: The Human has exactly three seconds to get these off me or there’s not gonna be a Happy Easter for anyone!


ZULU: Yippee! Look how great I look! Naturally they were too large for my svelte, swan-like neck so Mom put them on me like wings!

ZULU: In my heart I am a (very good looking) flying Easter Bunny! Wheeeee!

ZULU: Yep, I love Easter! Happy Easter Everyone!!

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Selfie Sunday: Amarula and Her Best Friend Mr. Scratchy


AMARULA: As you know, dear readers, I don’t usually like having my photo taken, but after having both Frodo and Zulu trying to use my scratcher, I wanted to take this selfie to have photographic evidence that it is MINE!

AMARULA: I love it. How could I not? My scratcher plays an important role in keeping my nails sharp and in ready condition in case I gotta show my brothers the Claws of Death! It should be noted that, being the generous cat I am, that I am willing to share my scratcher with any fellow tortie who wants to use it to sharpen her nails!! We tortie sisters gotta stick together!

This is Amarula’s Selfie Sunday for The Cat On My Head Sunday Blog Hop!

Nap Time Interrupted…Again!

AMARULA: Doh dee doh…oh I am so looking forward to my nap. I got my favorite scratcher beside me and there’s no sign of Frodo nearby (so he can’t interrupt my nap like last time) so I can enjoy a pleasant snooze….

AMARULA: What the…? Where did you come from!?!

AMARULA: Get off my scratcher Zulu!

ZULU: Hey there Amarula. I know how much you hate to nap alone and how much you love to share your things so I thought I would join you. Hehehehe…Pftsssssst!

AMARULA: Do you see what I have to put up with!!


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Week 47: March 31, 2017


  1. The first thing I think about in the morning is how can I best terrorize Frodo and Zulu today?


  1. The last thing I think about before sleep is _Have I done enough to terrorize Frodo and Zulu today?


  1. I am looking forward to finally finding my passport and returning to South Africa from whence the Human stole me (naturally I would have to burn Frodo and Zulu’s passport to make sure they don’t follow me there!).


  1. I am so pleased when at the end of the day I’ve gotten lots of attention, treats and mice and I can fall asleep knowing that the day has been all about me and I’ve really put the “I” in tortie once again!