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Amarula and Zulu: New Best Friends?

ZULU: Hey Amarula. What ya doing in there? Come out and play. AMARULA: No! Leave me alone. I am busy sulking because the Human refuses to get rid of that stupid puppy Busy! He is the bane of my existence.   ZULU: I thought Frodo and I were the bane of your existence? AMARULA: You […]

Selfie Sunday: I Am Not In the Mood!

AMARULA: As long as that hideous creature Busy continues to trespass in my territory you will get no happy selfies from me! (Thank God he goes home in a few days!) AMARULA: The nincompoop doesn’t even notice my death stares! AMARULA: But I will happily show off my fluffy tail of terror (which the idiot also […]

Basket Case!

FRODO: Though I love my new friend Busy, sometimes a feline needs just a little personal space, and though he asked to share my basket with me I  felt I had to say no cause that’s my big brother Zulu’s spot (which I am sure he will reclaim once he comes out of hiding in […]