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An Uninvited Guest

AMARULA: I am in a bad mood! Wanna guess why? AMARULA: My number one nemesis Frodo. As per usual, I was having a pleasant nap and the Orange Menace snuck up on me. AMARULA: All I have to do is give him one good kick with my back leg and he would roll right off […]

How Much Do You Love Me?

ZULU: With all this rainy weather the nights are still cold here so it’s nice that my little bro Frodo and I get to enjoy a few more nights in front of the fire. As you can see, Frodo loves to stretch out! ZULU: Oh I see I missed a spot in his ear during […]

Who’s That Handsome Mancat?

FRODO: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I’m so excited! Look at the lovely collar mom got me! FRODO: Mom says I have to wear it because I am so fast when we go on my supervised outdoor explorations that I get real close to catching birds (though of course I was only trying to […]

Caturday Art: Friends and Enemies

The above photo for Caturday Art is taken using Beauty filter from LunaPic. It’s the photo from Wednesday showing Zulu and Frodo reunited now that Busy has left   This is from the photo of Amarula from Thankful Thursday’s blog pondering how she would love to get rid of Frodo and Zulu (though I agree […]