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Happy St. Patty’s Day!

The cats all want to wish you a happy Saint Patrick’s Day! AMARULA: Speak for yourself! I don’t want to wish anyone anything! And certainly not a happy day! AMARULA: Get this off me…oh the indignity! AMARULA: That’s right human… just a little closer…just get a little closer and you’ll be drinking green beer in the […]

Frodo Spices Things Up!

The Crime Scene: The Human: OK! Who was messing around in the spice cupboard? ZULU: Not me! I’m trying to enjoy my sunbeam. AMARULA: Not me! I’m trying to sleep through winter in the desk drawer! FRODO: Not me either mom! I never get into trouble! THE HUMAN: Really Frodo!? Cause the photographic evidence seems rather […]

Selfie Sunday: Winter…It’s Back!!!!

YESTERDAY: AMARULA: This is wonderful! The best March ever! Record breaking warm temperatures! I can start going outside again and resume terrorizing the neighborhood…no more locked in the house, trapped with those nincompoops Zulu and Frodo! There is a God! Yippee!! 24 HOURS LATER: …. AMARULA: What the H@!#??… It’s back?!…Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! This is Amarula’s Selfie […]

Trash Talking With Frodo

The crime scene: An overturned trash can… The HUMAN: HEY!! Which one of you felines knocked over the trash can? AMARULA: Not me, I’m still staring out the window giving winter the evil eye. ZULU: Not me, I’ve been grooming in the sunpuddle (gotta look good for the shecats!) FRODO: Yeah me too mom! I’ve just been […]

A Surreptitious Sunday Selfie

A Sunday selfie? Yep! Look closer… Signs of life… AMARULA: What the h@#!… AMARULA: Who dares disturb my slumber!? AMARULA: You want me to take a selfie?! OK I will take a selfie only if you don’t tell Frodo about my hiding place! Pfffft! There how do you like selfie!!   This is Amarula’s Selfie Sunday for the […]