Wordless Wednesday: Sleepy Summer Sunbeams! | Hairballs and Hissy Fits

Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum, Feline!




FRODO: Doh-di-doh, doh-di-doh…I love my leaf pile!

leaf pile

FRODO: It is one of my new favorite places since mom starting letting me go outside on a harness! It has wonderful smells….I just love rubbing in it!

leafs taste good

FRODO: The leaves even taste delicious…a delicate hint of mold mingled with old dog urine! Yum!

smell trouble

FRODO: OH OH I think I smell trouble on the horizon!

AMARULA: Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum, Feline…I smell an intruder in MY pile of leafs!


FRODO: Oh no! She is coming this way! Maybe if I look down she won’t see me


AMARULA: What are you doing in MY pile of leafs Frodo?!

my leaf pile2

FRODO: I’m just keeping them warm for you by rubbing around in them, Big sis! Come and join me!

my leaf pile

AMARULA: That is never going to happen! Out! Vamoose vermin! I need some “me time” in my leaves!


FRODO: Well I am real sorry about the misunderstanding Sis! Is there anything I can do to make it up to you!?

AMARULA: No just leave!

FRODO: I think I have a good idea how I can best say sorry…


FRODO: Let’s kiss and makeup!!! Yipee!

AMARULA: Noooooooooooooooooooooo!











Wordless Wednesday: Sleepy Summer Sunbeams! | Hairballs and Hissy Fits

Forbidden Love



ZULU: What are you doing Frodo? You’ve been staring at that swan for hours!

FRODO: I’m in love! I know the feeling is mutual cause she just can’t keep her eyes off me! She just keeps staring. She is dumbstruck with loooooooooove


ZULU: The word “dumb” might certainly factor in here…

FRODO: Isn’t she beautiful? She doesn’t say much but that’s OK cause we speak volumes with our eyes.

its the chippy right

ZULU: And have your eyes noticed that that is mom’s cement swan? Cement, Frodo, aka not real!

FRODO: Zulu! How dare you accuse her of not being real and genuine! Our love is the real deal! Though I guess if I am honest, I have been feeling lately like things are not right between us…like there may be someone else…what’s that over there in the bushes…


FRODO: A chipmunk!! My heart is broken! I can never compete with a mammal with such full cheeks and gorgeous stripes!

ZULU: Then you definitely don’t want to know about the bunny that has been given her the eye!









Wordless Wednesday: Sleepy Summer Sunbeams! | Hairballs and Hissy Fits

Bath Time: Looking Good for the Ladies!



FRODO: Big brother Zulu says I must pay lots of attention to my grooming cause it’s important for me to look good for the ladies.


FRODO: He says though I will clearly never be as good looking as him, I can do the best with what I’ve got!

wellwhat do you think

FRODO: Well, what do you think ladies? How do I look?


FRODO: Oops missed a spot!






Wordless Wednesday: Sleepy Summer Sunbeams! | Hairballs and Hissy Fits

Mom Got A New Kitten! (sorta)

FRODO: Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!! I think mom got a new kitten!!

new kitten

Though it sure has a strange tail for a cat! So big and fluffy! And I can’t figure out why mom is not making it wear a harness like me and Zulu have to!


I love having new friends! I can’t wait to introduce myself! Hey! Zulu and Amarula come over here and meet our new sibling! I sure hope he isn’t a lady-killer like Zulu or Zulu is gonna be soooooooooooooo jealous!

in the bushes

Why does he get to eat peanuts and I don’t? I bet he would be willing to share–he looks like the generous type. I can’t wait to get to know this new kitten better! Though I can’t understand why mom seems unwilling to let the poor guy go inside the house!

new kitten2









Wordless Wednesday: Sleepy Summer Sunbeams! | Hairballs and Hissy Fits

Time for My Human to Die

AMARULA: Well, she’s done it! The human’s really done it! I was minding my own business, having a pleasant day out and about when this orange blob walked by…


Apparently the human is now allowing Frodo out on a harness into my outdoors! MY outdoors!


It was bad enough having Zulu to contend with but now I have Frodo invading my Feline Fiefdom!


Yep! I’ve tried to be nice. I tried to have Zulu killed welcomed Zulu with open arms when he joined me outside. But this, this is too much!


How much is one cat expected to endure!!?? Someone call the humane society and report my human!




Wordless Wednesday: Sleepy Summer Sunbeams! | Hairballs and Hissy Fits

Zulu’s World-wind Tour of the Great Outdoors!

FRODO: As you know, I faltered a little a couple of days ago when I tried to go outside for my first exploration of the backyard. It was all so darn exciting that I was just plain overwhelmed. Luckily, big brother Zulu was at the ready to help me and he took me out for a personalized tour!



ZULU: Alright Frodo just stay close and follow me! I’ll teach you all about the outdoors.


chew grass

ZULU: This is my favorite pile of grass. Try to have a good chew at least once daily. You can also expect to throw up the grass sometime around midnight. Never fails! This is mom’s least favorite part of the backyard!

FRODO: YUMMY!! This grass is almost better than tuna!

ZULU: And remember to always take time to bask in the sun! Spending time in the sun outdoors is even better than lying in a sunbeam in the window!


ZULU: Over here is what I like to call my own private privy! But you have to bring your own toilet paper!


ZULU: Now we are going towards the area where mom is trying to make a rock garden. It is very important to stay away from here and not dig up stuff!


ZULU: Well, since this is your first time maybe we can go a little closer just this once!


ZULU: And always keep an eye out for Amarula. She loves to step on the leash!


ZULU: And the most important things is to always make time to smell the flowers!


ZULU: I have a feeling you are gonna love it out here Frodo!

FRODO: Me too!


Wordless Wednesday: Sleepy Summer Sunbeams! | Hairballs and Hissy Fits

The Feline Solution to Any Problem: Take A Nap

FRODO: As you know my efforts to get out-and-about and explore the backyard in my harness did not quite go as I had planned. I spent most of the afternoon hiding under the deck stairs.


But not to fear! I am going to recharge my bravery with a power nap and get right back out there! There is nothing like a siesta to put the LION back in FELION (at least that’s how I spells it)! Just watch me recharge!

findingtherightposition1 naptimeafterventuringoutside



Oh Yeah! I’m almost ready to head outside again! Hear me roar! I sure am a brave FELION!